Rooster's Goldby A. Alan Isaacs

About the Author

Alan Isaacs is a grateful man. Born in Tennessee and raised by a multitude of story tellers, Alan developed a lifelong appreciation for creative and positive media.  He hopes this pioneering form of entertainment, which celebrates and encourages orphans and their forever families, blesses the reader.  Alan lived in Philadelphia for 12 years and worked in Manhattan for two before returning to Tennessee. He and his wife live just south of Nashville in Franklin, Tennessee with children living in Madrid, Atlanta, and Knoxville.

Discover Rooster's Gold

"Fresh, fascinating concept. Up-beat spirit. Destined to become a Miniseries!" 
- Howie Klausner, writer, Space Cowboys

In an innovative work of interactive historical fiction, use a cell phone to snap pictures of TrueBlue IM™ QR codes embedded throughout the novel to effortlessly connect the written word to an internet-based resource and learn the truth about several of history’s heroes and Xander Hawkins, an extremely wealthy man from Tennessee who engages a New York lawyer to create a Trust Fund to extend his life’s calling—the encouragement, education and care of Orphans.

Re-experience historical fact as it is woven into the fictional fabric of the Hawkins family by sitting in Xander’s study alongside the lawyer as he listens to stories about how the Hawkins family discovered a love for orphans and an unimaginable treasure! Over several days, the lawyer learns how more than 200 years of ‘Journaling’ from Xander’s ancestors continues to influence his approach to life.

  • Davy Crockett’s best friend is Rooster Hawkins—Xander’s great-grandfather. Discover the connection between Mark Twain’s saying, ‘There’s gold in them thar hills’—the hills of north Georgia, and why Santa Anna’s army, despite 12 times more soldiers, chooses to wait 13 days—for March 6, before attacking the Alamo.
  • Rooster’s son joins Theodore Roosevelt and his Rough Riders as they fight in the Spanish-American war alongside highly decorated ‘Buffalo Soldiers’. Discover if friendships can be forged across racial and societal lines before heroes need to be saved.
  • For over 75 years, more than 250,000 orphaned and abandoned children were put on trains in New York City and ‘whistle-stopped’ cross-country to work on farms in the Midwest to produce crops for the nation’s exploding population. When several ‘Orphan Train Children’ cry out, how does the Hawkins family respond?
  • Witness how the stories of these children profoundly impact the Hawkins’ family—and the New York lawyer. Will his heart melt or harden in bitterness as Xander divulges the source of his great wealth and the foundation for his passion?
  • If you were searching for a fortune, would you have the Power to seek Wisdom more than gold?
  • And finally, by accessing a TrueBlue IM™ QR code at the end of the novel, anyone encouraged to make a difference in the lives of Orphans and their forever families can connect directly to Orphan Care sites.

Paperback: $16.95

Hardcover: $28.95